Wolfram Haböck and his team have decades of experience in the areas of process design, process optimisation, master data and change management in an international environment.

For many years we have been following the sometimes absurdly high sums consultants demand for not much more than web design and brochures. Not to mention larger sums for software components and customization.

The final amounts often far exceed initial estimates or bids. We looked at the combination of upfront payments, daily rates and the number of people employed in outsourcing projects, and we decided:

We can do better - we do it ourselves.

Knowing this, we founded our company in Sisak, Croatia in 2021. From here we offer the unique combination of ready-to-use workflow software, developed by our German software partner and SAP expert inPuncto GmbH, in combination with outsourcing services and data project work.

Why in Croatia? Why in Sisak?

Quite simply - it is Europe’s perfect service location.

For many years Croatia was a quiet, an almost forgotten location. This has changed rapidly with rapid growth in technical and IT competence. More and more companies consider Croatia a rising star in the technology sky.

Two examples:

  • https://www.nanobit.com/ - Leading Croatian game developer.
  • https://www.rimac-automobili.com/  - Croatian manufacturer of electric supercars. On July 5th, 2021, Porsche and Rimac announced the establishment of the Bugatti-Rimac joint venture, which will be responsible for the further development of the iconic Bugatti brand. Porsche already has a direct share of 24 percent in Rimac.

Such an environment offers ideal conditions for offering IT-based services for companies. Our assets:

  • We provide a complete portfolio for digital data flows, starting  with booking, continuing with the document scanning (e.g. delivery notes, invoices) and implementation of business workflows and extends to the creation of e-files (e.g. supplier, personnel) and the implementation of master data projects. The complete portfolio for the digital flow of data and information in companies.
  • Here we can find the talented and motivated people we need.
  • We speak German, English and Croatian, with more languages on the way.
  • Since we are in central Europe, there is no delay from time differences. We are available when you are working as well.  

The picturesque Croatian town of Sisak in the river triangle Kupa Odra Sava is synonymous with the elixir of human life: water. The company name KOS Technologies, KOS as short for Kupa Odra Sava, pays homage to the home region of our company.

The calm, steady flow of water mirrors today's elixir of life for companies in the 21st century: Data. We are linking data, we are providing data, we are creating and correcting data, and we are archiving data. In combination with the handling of data for your perfect workflow and, if required, with the hosting of data, we ensure the optimal data provision for your company.



To organise company’s information and information flow and make them available and processable everywhere around the clock.


No barriers – just flow!


Easy steps for business growth


Don’t talk – listen to the client! Only after we understood your challenges, we develop a plan how to meet those.


Efficiency gains from digitising the purchase-to-pay process.


Focus topics of the implementation process.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!