Optimization of the Purchase-to-Pay process thanks to automated invoice processing in SAP

Every day your company receives a large number of invoices that have to be entered, checked and approved manually. Manual invoice processing not only requires a lot of time but is also error-prone. Especially in all Purchase-to-Pay processes, the potential for optimization and automation is high.

Our tool guarantees the following advantages:

  • The SAP business logics are expanded with helpful additional tools: scan software, automated inbox for electronic documents including OCR / ICR technology, convenient workflow management tool for electronic invoice processing and approval as well as a “cockpit” offering an overview over status quo of all incoming invoices and orders which have to be executed. The invoice workflow takes place without media breaks, the invoice workflow logs are generated automatically and invoices are archived in accordance with the law and in an audit-proof manner.
  • Staff members involved in the process can also be integrated into the electronic checking and approval workflow for invoice processing via web, E-Mail or mobile app. Even on a business trip without internet connection. The fully checked document is then saved in a queue and as soon as you are back online, it is automatically forwarded back to the workflow.
  • For the automated Purchase-to-Pay process, paper or digital invoices are received without having to be presorted. The relevant values are automatically selected and compared with SAP values. Depending on the type of document, the specific invoice workflow is then triggered in a predefined manner.
  • With the invoice cockpit you can monitor all invoices and invoice processes at any time, intervene, if necessary, reassign the invoices, find out about the current processing status, evaluate invoices, etc. After the posting has been completed, the original document (incoming vendor invoice, invoice with purchase order reference, credit voucher, etc.) and the invoice workflow log are attached to the FI document (posted invoice document).
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