Combination of finished workflow technology and execution of operational activities

  • Complete execution of the AP workflow, including electronic invoice processing and approval workflow for invoices
  • We are your outsourcing partner for the entire accounting process. We will be happy to post incoming and outgoing invoices for you--in your software environment - we are an external "internal.”
  • Cash applications as part of the O2C process:
    • Booking of bank statements
    • Assignment of unassigned incoming payments - posting of bank statements and manual transfer postings
      • Customer and supplier accounts, health insurance contributions, etc.
      • Maintaining discounts for individual customers in the sub-ledger
    • Short-term liquidity planning
  • R2R - Record to Report: Postings and transfers postings in general ledger (e.g. provisions, transfer postings to cost centers, reconciliations between general ledgers and sub ledgers - including IC accounts), maintenance of operational/global chart of accounts (creation of new accounts, change of existing accounts, block, etc.)


  • Special focus on time-consuming services which are necessary, but for which there is never enough time in day-to-day business.

- Some examples: master data management, revision of databases, data corrections, bookings, rebookings, invoice approvals

  • Purchase2Pay optimization – Structure of an End-to-End process

- Buildup of purchase requisition to payment run – E2E process

- Buildup of a Vendor Hierarchy (e.g. direct, indirect, manufacturer, freight forwarder, IC logistic, IC financial services, etc.)

- Onboarding of vendors and support of documentation (bank confirmation)

- Optimization of accounts payable processes:

               - Touchless and standardized AP-processing (e.g. automated account assignment)


  • Change Management
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