Quality improvement of “parked documents” in SAP thanks to automated invoice receipt

Increase the quality of your "pre-recorded documents" through automatic invoice recording with our software for incoming invoices including OCR value recognition.

For historical reasons, many companies are working with "pre-recorded documents" in SAP. Without an automated receipt of invoices, manual entry or corrections to the documents (e.g. changing the type of document) result in a lot of work for persons in charge (e.g. stop, cancellation, new creation ...).

You can easily automate your invoice receipt including automatic invoice entry in SAP and thus the quality of the "pre-recorded documents" with our invoice receipt software. Instead of manually recording and booking invoice receipts and later carrying out manual corrections, it is carried out automatically using text recognition via OCR/ICR technology, master data comparison in the background and the "filling" of the corresponding transactions.

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