Process optimization including electronic document receipt and approval workflow in SAP

The core element of your new process management: our workflow booster. Regardless of the document, invoice, order or delivery note, our software processes the documents automatically (including OCR processing) and releases them for the electronic workflow.

Our software implements this process optimization on the basis of SAP - the standard is "enriched" by us with additional functions.

  • Signature regulation: Here our software exactly reproduces your business rules and standards. You decide how many approvals are required, the level of release limits, escalation rules and substitute regulations.
  • SAP workflow engine as process engine: Full transparency and control over all active/inactive processes, e.g. status of processing of an incoming invoice. Likewise the workflow history of a process.
  • Easy handling of electronic approval and check of documents: Our workflow management tool provides a complete view of images (scanned invoices, order confirmations, delivery notes, etc.), data, approvals, and comments. With our workflow tool all employees involved in the process are integrated. Process participants can easily check, comment, approve or reject documents via e-mail, web, or mobile app. The result of this process in most cases is the approval of incoming invoices or the approval of purchase orders.

Electronic invoice processing

Optimization of the Purchase-to-Pay process thanks to automated invoice processing in SAP


Invoice ledger – Cockpit

SAP invoice ledger with cockpit for more transparency and control of your financial processes


Examination of different types of accounts

Automatic invoice processing & invoice verification of any type of document in SAP Each type of invoice has different has different requirements.


Processing of electronic invoices

Invoice workflow of pdf-files sent via E-Mail-PDF & ZUGFeRD


Automated receipt of invoices

Quality improvement of “parked documents” in SAP thanks to automated invoice receipt


Automatic archiving of incoming invoices

Scanning and archiving of incoming invoices to the posted invoice documents


Approval workflow of purchase orders

Efficient purchasing processes: Electronic release of orders in SAP


Automatic archiving of delivery notes

Scanning, automatic assignment and archiving of delivery notes to SAP documents


Automation of further SAP documents

Process automation for other document-based processes in SAP - you have the software, use it!