In connection with long-term archiving, this sensitive data can be physically stored on your existing media. We offer a complete solution portfolio for secure long-term archiving from a single source: software plus perfectly balanced hardware.

Important: Your existing infrastructure can be used to implement our solution. Our software for SAP can be fully virtualized on the server side. For our archive server implentation, we use an additional virtual machine to archive sensitive data.

Another advantage of our solution is the existence of the entire administration layer for sensitive data or documents in SAP. Our archiving solution does not have a separate user or access rights management, as all these authorizations are already administered in SAP, and you have already paid for this.

Since we do not work with proprietary formats or protocols, but with the SAP standard (RFCs, SAP-HTTP (S)), any format can be stored in the archive. The entire flow of documents from the archive to the client does not go through the SAP application server, but takes place, of course via HTTP(S), directly between the archive and the client.

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