Invoice workflow of pdf-files sent via E-Mail-PDF & ZUGFeRD

Our inbox processing server imports electronic invoices, which are sent as PDF, in ZUGFeRD format or as EDI via E-Mail, directly into SAP.

We process the formats listed below:

  • PDF- / TIF format via E-Mail or paper scan
  • XRechnung 1.2 (XML-file): UBL and UN/CEFACT Syntax
  • ZUGFeRD invoices (PDF file with XML appendix): Format 1.0, 2.0.1 or 2.1
  • EDIFACT-invoices
  • SAP IDoc-invoices
  • Other country-specific invoice formats, e.g.:
    • SIX Paynet, PostFinance (Switzerland)
    • ebInterface (Austria)
    • Chorus Pro (France)
    • Facturae (Spain)
    • FatturaPA.xml (Italy)
    • Finvoice (Finland)

Our server is processing incoming electronic invoices (optionally via OCR as well).  Subsequently it starts a separate workflow in SAP for each invoice.

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