Purchase-to-Pay optimization: Buildup of an End-to-End process

Together with you, we identify opportunities to standardize your Purchase-2-Pay process. After implementation, all process steps can be carried out efficiently AND effectively by those involved in the process. This significantly higher automation of the processes requires less time and resources.

Our many years of experience ensure a holistic view of the E2E process, which includes the following aspects: Supplier selection, creation of the purchase requisition, approval of the order, receipt of goods and services, receipt of invoice, invoice processing, payment of the invoice amount.

P2P - Purchase-to-Pay optimization: Buildup of an End-to-End process

- Purchase2Pay optimization – Structure of an End-to-End process

- Buildup of purchase requisition to payment run – E2E process

- Buildup of a Vendor Hierarchy (e.g. direct, indirect, manufacturer, freight forwarder, IC logistic, IC financial services, etc.)

- Onboarding of vendors and support of documentation (bank confirmation)

- Optimization of accounts payable processes:

               - Touchless and standardized AP-processing (e.g. automated account assignment)

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