Efficient purchasing processes: Electronic release of orders in SAP

Of course, there is a signature policy in your company. Many companies use these regulations for checking and approval processes for incoming invoices as well as for checking and approving other processes, such as outgoing orders.

The advantage of our add-ons: With the same software components as for the invoice processes, an efficient approval procedure is established for order processing in SAP, i.e. for outgoing orders and other documents.

Example: When an order is placed, the purchase voucher meets certain criteria. In our example, the total value of the order is above EUR 7,500. If this order value is exceeded, defined approval procedures are in place in your company, e.g. approval by the responsible employee in purchasing AND the purchasing manager.

Our software solution exactly reproduces this approval workflow for the SAP order. The electronic approval workflow can also be used for other purchasing documents such as inquiries, contracts, delivery schedules, service entry sheets, etc.

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