The tasks pile up in the financial accounting of your company. As the person or one of the persons responsible for finance, you know the workload. Here we provide a quick remedy – we are quickly available as an outsourcing service provider. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a complete outsourcing of bookkeeping activities or the outsourcing of sub-areas.

We support with:

  • Processing of financial accounting activities
  • Accounts receivables and accounts payables
  • Account assignment of receipts for individual cost types and cost centers
  • Invoice verification and  und invoice updating
  • Reconciliation and account clarification of supplier, customer, and nominal accounts
  • Monitoring of accounts and incoming payments
  • Planning and execution of payment transactions at home and abroad
  • Execution of dunning and debt collection processes
  • Communication with auditors and tax advisors
  • Activities for the monthly, quarterly, and year-end closing: We book until the last second of the closing date and deliver complete accounting work that guarantees you a correct closing.
  • Financial accounting: General ledger (e.g. provisions, transfer postings of cost centers, group reconciliation), journal entries, reconciliation of general ledger and sub-ledgers, expansion and maintenance of global chart of accounts (e.g. creation of new accounts, changes to existing accounts, block, etc.)

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