Keeping your master data up-to-date and clean at all times requires perfect interaction between a master data governance concept and perfect implementation with regard to master data management, data quality, data protection and data maintenance. Let’s take a look at our data palace together:

Data Governance & Data Management

Master Data Management

We support you on both the data governance and data management level.

The data governance concept essentially includes:

  • Processes, policies, roles, standards and KPI’s that enable effective use of data and information  
  • Processes and responsibilities relevant to the quality and security of the data used in the company
  • The definition of who can use which data in which situations with which methods

It forms the organisational framework for data use in the company and is binding. A data governance strategy supports consistent standard processes and responsibilities. Data-related roles and responsibilities clearly and explicitly defined across the organisation.

All of this is summarized in a document that gives you and the employees concerned a written guideline for creating and changing data records. These guidelines ensure that high data quality is maintained in the company.

The data management level is about the implementation of the concept and the daily “doing”. Typical activities are e.g.:

  • Creation of new material
  • Creation of new business partners
  • Checking the correctness of individual data sets
  • Verification of completeness of data sets
  • Correction of data records, e.g. when a supplier changes address
  • Data cleansing before implementing the new master data governance concept

It is precisely the daily to do, the daily activities with regard to data records, that often take much more time than you might think at first glance. These activities are essential for maintaining high data quality, but the necessary resources are often lacking.

Not if you work with us. We are happy to take over these data maintenance activities for you. Benefit from our experience in this environment. We are looking forward to your contact.

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