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Do you know that? On some days, the word “data” is just flying around your ears. It starts in the first meeting and ends in the last. In the evening you turn on the television and the first buzzwords you hear are “data strategy of the federal government” and “data literacy in schools.”

Enough for you. Annoyed, you leave the program and enjoy the film “High Noon” from 1952 once again. And this one reason only: Finally, it’s not about data.

The next morning, however, the data issue continues. But now you’re much more relaxed, and wasn’t just last night’s movie Why? You have decided to contact us. And from now on you have someone by your side who will take care of the unpleasant things together with your IT department. We will help you and execute on your behalf as "external internal":

  • Consolidation of data silos to which only individual departments have access.
  • We ensure data integrity, and we take care of consistency, completeness, accuracy and validity over the retention period.
  • We correct inconsistent and incomplete data.
  • We correct incorrect data. It happens very often: At some point erroneous entries were made, for which there was simply no time to check internally. We take the time and we correct.
  • We delete data: E.g. because there are seven data records with different prices for a product, but only one data record is relevant. Or because the product hasn’t existed for three years.
  • We enter data: Quite simply, because your employees don't have time for it, but the catalog with the product data has to be printed out very soon.

Typical use cases - some examples:

  • It has been a few years since your supplier file was last revised. Some payments have not been received recently, there are more and more follow-up questions from suppliers, money from remittances that no one can assign can be found in your company account . Time for us to review and correct the bank accounts assigned to the suppliers.

At the same time it makes sense to check addresses, purchasing conditions and payment conditions, and to update them if necessary. It happens very often that some suppliers still rely on sweetheart deals [2] that were granted back in 1995. After our check and information to you, these can also be adapted to the current conditions.

  • You wonder why nobody is buying the new range of shirts in your web shop, despite the fact you are promoting it extensively. Unfortunately, the supplier did not include attributes such as size, color, pattern, sleeve length, or a brief description. Of course, today's demanding customers will no longer purchase such products. This is a good time to check the product portfolio in order to find typical attributes that are not filled, to inform your product management and, most importantly, to add the missing attributes as soon as possible.

This doesn’t happen to you? Congratulations! Then you are one of the few exceptions on the market from whom your competitors should learn. As a rule, with the abundance of data that can be found in systems today, errors due to lack of personnel and time are unavoidable. We love to help you quickly and competently to bring your data “back to shape.”

By the way: Yes, we also know how to handle big files with 50,000 and 100,000 data records.

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