Focus topics of the implementation process:

  • Individuality: YOU are not every client, YOU have specific demands, YOU deserve a unique approach. You want to have five modules installed simultaneously and the relevant departments shall be trained within three weeks? In fact, this is a challenge but voilà – full speed ahead. You want to start with the archiving module first and then continue with the scanning solution and P2P process? Great – let’s do it this way.
  • Project Management: We will not elaborate on self-evident topics like project management plan, responsibilities, time schedule, budget, communication, or documentation here. Yes, we know, how to handle a project.
  • Business requirements and specification sheet: We focus on executing business requirements, that’s why we listen intensively to you first. We are then describing the new process without focusing on the old process flow too much. Our software grants this flexibility.
  • Data quality: When implementing new processes, it’s the perfect time, to focus on data quality as well. Do you have data which can be deleted? Do we need corrections in your database? Are significant data missing? Is the data structure ok? Let’s have a look at this together, this is the perfect moment. We support necessary changes.
  • Get people on board – Change Management: Communication, communication, communication – it was never more important than now. In all departments people will have questions, of course there is uncertainty and a little bit of fear, which is highly normal in transformation projects. We have experience in transformation projects, it’s our expertise to manage such processes. Workshops, answering questions, reducing prejudices, taking away fear and uncertainty, showing the advantages of a new solution – that’s what we do. We enjoy working WITH and not against people.
  • Realism: We clarify the availability of relevant employees in different stages of the project before defining the project plan.
  • Software installation and testing: When installing new software components in your environment, it is clear, that your IT department is looking at these steps with highest alertness. We are fully aware of that. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time together with your IT department to have a joint understanding of the project. Lots of uncertainty can be eliminated before the installation – that’s why we enjoy working with IT departments.
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