This service component comprises the following work packages:

  • Booking of bank statements
  • Remittance letters
  • Assignment of unassigned incoming payments – Posting of bank statements and manual transfer postings
    • Customer and supplier accounts, health insurance contributions, etc.
  • Short-term liquidity planning

That doesn't sound spectacular - but it is not in day-to-day operations. You all are familiar with the following topics:

  • The customer has paid, but unfortunately forgot a digit of his customer number. Unfortunately, the payment cannot be assigned immediately; there is money on the account, but the customer account is not yet debited.
  • Which subsidiary pays which health insurance contributions the day after tomorrow?
  • End of the month: How much exactly do we have to transfer to employees, suppliers and social security agencies the day after tomorrow? Is there enough money in the account or do we need a transfer from the head office?

Fortunately, you are already processing your incoming invoices with us and our software. Therefore these are fully booked. It is therefore easy for us to take over short-term cash planning on your behalf and to free your cash management from time-consuming detailed work.

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